Prislista bröllop för bröllopsblommor - Oxåker Blomsterdekoration Blomsterdekoration

Prices wedding

All weddings are unique and the bride and groom's wishes regarding flowers and decoration vary greatly. It is therefore often difficult to give an exact price for wedding flowers without knowing the details of that particular unique wedding. This price list shows the lowest prices and is primarily intended to provide guidance for those of you who are thinking about getting married. We offer consultation free of charge before the wedding

Worth knowing is that we order your flowers well in advance of the wedding and we spend a lot of time planning, purchasing and taking care of your flowers before the actual wedding day. Because of course we want all individual flowers to be in their most beautiful stage on the day in question.

  • Bridal Bouqet From 1200 sek
  • Bridesmaid bouqet From 550 sek
  • Corsage: From 185 sek
  • Hair wreath adult From 600 sek
  • Hårkrans barn: From 300 sek
  • table decoration From 650 sek
  • Table bouqet From 500 sek
  • Decoration honor table, large: From 950 sek
  • Delivery in Skåne From 600 sek
  • Pick up free of charge

Other types of decoration

There are many more types of decorations than those listed here. We recommend everyone who is thinking about getting married to collect pictures of exactly what you think is beautiful. It can be images from Pinterest, Instagram, Google image search or any other medium. The pictures make it easier to communicate your dream and for us to fulfill it.