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Flowers for all occasions

Starting January 2024, Oxåker now sell on pre-order

Pre-order flowers for every occasion


Welcome to our flower studio located in Slottsstaden, Malmö.

From January 2024, Oxåker will focus on creating unique arrangements and bouquets upon request. You are very welcome to place your order for parties, weddings, and funerals. We also accept orders for smaller-sized bouquets, etc. We love helping you with flowers for both special and everyday occasions in life. We also greatly enjoy providing flower deliveries. Our studio has no regular opening hours from 2024, only for pre-orders, consultations, etc. We require your order at least 24 hours in advance, but preferably as early as possible.

A warm welcome to Oxåker!

Felicia med buketter



Flower arranging course is a delightful activity for us flower lovers and requires no prior knowledge in flower arranging.

Flower courses


We at Oxåker would love to assist you with your wedding flowers for your big day.

Wedding flowers

Bröllop med rosa och vit brudbukett
Begravningskrans med rosa och vita blommor


Funeral flowers are considered a beautiful final tribute at the funeral.

Funeral flowers


If your workplace needs flowers, Oxåker is happy to help. We always create on demand, and delivery is possible.



As a visitor, what can one expect from us?

Oxåker is a small business owned by Felicia Oxåker. We love the creative process that is constantly happening here. In addition to the joy we find in creating with colour and form, we are big fans of using locally grown flowers. Therefore, whenever possible, we try to purchase flowers that are grown sustainably and pesticide-free in Skåne.

We are more than happy to assist you with flowers for all occasions in life. So, you are more than welcome to order from us, even if it's a smaller-sized bouquet. From January 2024, we only accept pre-orders and have the store open by appointment.

Would you like to send a flower delivery to someone you care about? Get in touch via email, phone, or SMS, and we will gladly assist you!

Are you dreaming of becoming a florist for a day?

We organise several cosy events where you can learn the basics of creating lovely floral arrangements. We have a large work table that we use during the courses. Here, we gather together and create delightful blooming arrangements and bouquets. If you're interested in taking a flower arranging course, we regularly update our website with what's on offer. Booking is easy via the website.

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