Hårkrans och hårblommor till bröllop i Malmö- Oxåker Blomsterdekoration

Wreath and hair flowers

A flower wreath is not just for the midsummer celebration. Let a hair wreath also take place on the wedding day. Hair flowers are an easy way to create an effective hairstyle.

A nice and well-made hair wreath becomes a beautiful detail and even if you have chosen to have a bridal bouquet, it is perfectly fine to wear a hair wreath. The wreath is created according to each bride's specific wishes and can be both large and voluminous or of a more delicate type. The wreath will not have access to water during the wedding and therefore it is an advantage if you choose flowers that can withstand being without water for a while.

If you don't want to go for a big wreath, you can attach loose flowers to the hairstyle. The hairdresser can then attach these flowers with pins or clips to the hair.

Hair wreath for other participants

A flower wreath is just as beautiful on the bride's bridesmaids or attending children. When Oxåker ties flower wreaths, we always end them with a beautiful ribbon, so that the size can be adjusted according to the wearer.

Hårkrans bröllop
Fotograf Isabell N Wedin