Delivery conditions

Delivery fee

Oxåker delivers within the entire city of Malmö for SEK 125. The delivery fee is not included in the product price, but is added at checkout. Delivery outside the city of Malmö is also possible, and then the delivery price is calculated at checkout.

Delivery charge funeral

Funeral delivery within Malmö municipality costs SEK 125 sek. Contact us if you wish to order funeral flowers outside of Malmö, and we will quote the price then.


Order your goods at least 24 hours before desired collection or desired delivery. Order any of the products available in the webshop. It is also possible to choose other colors than those shown in the online store. We also accept requests in addition to what is available in the webshop. In case of such requests, contact us directly via email or telephone. We deliver every day of the week - if you want delivery/pickup on Saturdays or Sundays, we need your order at least 48 hours before. If delivery/pickup is requested on holidays, we need your order at least 72 hours in advance. ATTENTION! When ordering for Saturday, Sunday or a holiday or email us to ensure that delivery/pickup is possible!

Order funeral flowewrs

When ordering funeral flowers, Oxåker wants the order as early as possible, but no later than 48 hours before the funeral takes place. When ordering flowers for a funeral, it is the customer's responsibility to provide Oxåker with information on: the deceased's name, church or chapel (including address), place and time of the funeral.


We deliver all bids ourselves or with the help of a partner. Delivery time is adjusted as far as possible according to the customer's wishes.

Oxåker delivers both to home address and workplace.

Delivery of funeral flowers

Oxåker always delivers flowers for funerals in good time.

Weekends & Red Days

We deliver to the best of our ability all days of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays. We also have the opportunity to deliver on many of the red days of the year. For delivery during weekends and public holidays - contact Oxåker by phone well in advance to confirm that it is possible.

Delivery time

The date of delivery is according to the customer's wishes. The time of delivery is adjusted to the best of our ability according to the wishes of the customer and the recipient. An exact time of delivery cannot be guaranteed.

Delivery responsibility

The customer is fully responsible for ensuring that all contact information for the recipient is correct, possible wrong deliveries or delivery delays are not compensated in these cases. The customer is responsible for providing the correct delivery address, including any port code, full name and telephone number of the recipient.

Oxåker always makes contact by phone with the recipient before delivery to ensure that the person is at home. Oxåker does not leave flower delivery outside the door if the customer is not at home. If the customer has confirmed during the call that she is at home but after all is not when the delivery arrives, the flowers are taken back to Oxåker. The customer can then pick up the flowers themselves, or alternatively order a new delivery at a new delivery fee.

Product & Product image

Oxåker takes all product photos that are in the webshop, with the exception of some bridal bouquets taken by external photographers. The flowers in the products, such as bouquets, are often more faded than the flowers in the delivered bouquets are. This is because weeded flowers are more attractive in the picture, while we wish to deliver flowers more in bud to the customer for longer shelf life.

Funeral flowers are always delivered in a beautifully finished stage, in order to be as beautiful as possible at the particular funeral.

When ordering a product that is available with a product image in the web shop, Oxåker does everything to deliver a product that is as equivalent as possible. In some cases, a type of flower cannot be obtained, and is then exchanged for a flower as similar as possible in the same shade as in the original.


Written (by email) cancellation is required at least 48 hours before scheduled delivery/pickup. This is because Oxåker orders home flowers for each individual order. If cancellation is not made 48 hours before, the amount for the order will not be refunded.

When canceling a flower course - read here!


If our cut flowers are unlikely to stay beautiful for more than 4 days, contact us. In the event of a complaint, the customer must come to Oxåker to present the entire bouquet. Keep in mind that some flowers have a shorter shelf life than others. Also remember that all cut flowers must have fresh water every day and a clean vase. ATTENTION! The customer must first contact us to confirm that we are on site as our main business takes place at the customer's premises!

Delivery conditions

Oxåker AB reserves the right to cancel the agreement for flower delivery and refrain from delivering the flowers if Oxåker has reason to assume that the recipient of the flowers does not wish to have them delivered. Oxåker also reserves the right to refuse orders if the content of the card text can be perceived as offensive or unpleasant. In such cases, the customer of the flower delivery has the right to get the money back.

Force Majeure

Oxåker AB is not liable for damages against the customer due to omission or delay caused by an authority's order, war, rebellion, fire, flood, natural disaster or other event of a pervasive nature over which Oxåker has no control (force majeure).