Bachelorette in Malmö

Ta med gänget på en riktigt mysig och kreativ stund där ni skapar med blommor! I vår blomsterstudio centralt i Malmö tar vi gärna emot er grupp och håller en rolig och skapande blomsterkurs för er möhippa!

Midsommarkrans, rosa vit

Of course, the schedule can be quite full when you want to surprise the bride-to-be with a super day. Often each individual activity needs to be somewhat limited in time. We know this at Oxåker and that is why we have chosen to keep our flower courses just for hen parties a little shorter than usual.

When you come to us at Oxåker at the appointed time, we have prepared champagne glasses if desired. You are welcome to bring bubbles or other drinks with you. We start with a review of today's activity and the flowers we will use. Then it's the participants' turn to start work with their flowers. For about 1 hour we hang out and create with today's most beautiful flowers.

It is very popular to choose to tie each hair wreath - it is practical to take with you, and shows that the gang belongs together for the rest of the day. If you prefer, it is possible to tie each bouquet.

The flowers we use are always completely fresh and Oxåker selects the varieties that are best suited for the purpose. Of course, you get to decide the color theme when you book.

Detaljbild Oxåker butik, blommor

When we have a hen party in the store, it is fine for up to 12 people. 

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Questions and answers regarding Bachelorette party

What is included in the price?

- The price is SEK 350 and applies per person
- The price includes all materials needed during the course.
- Participants may of course take their creation home.

Where do we hold the courses?

- We hold the courses in our shop at Nils Perssons Plan 7, 217 48 Malmö
- If desired, Oxåker can come out to the group. Then there is an additional fee based on location

How do I pay?

- Payment is made when booking the course, or on site at the time of the course
- Payment is made by card or Swish.

What is good to know?

- Contact Felicia at email or phone 0736-634921 and we will find a day that suits!
- Time is flexible. However, it is good to be out in good time to book, especially in the spring when there seem to be many hen parties.
- The entrance to the shop consists of a small staircase (3 steps)
- There is a toilet
- It is okay to leave things at Oxåker a day earlier by agreement.

What can you do?

- Many choose to make a hair wreath each. This makes the group look cohesive for the rest of the day.
- You can also make a flower bouquet.

How do you get to Oxåker's store?

- Our store is right opposite the iconic Kronprinsen.
- Buses stop very close.
- If you come by car, there is street parking in the area and a parking garage under Kronprinsen.

A bachelorette party is a great opportunity to give your friend an unforgettable day. Which activities fit into this day is determined by what the bride-to-be likes. Tying flowers is probably one of the quieter types of activity and is usually appreciated. A cozy moment in our flower studio usually gives both the creative part of the brain a boost and sometimes we also see a sense of competition in the group - it's mainly about who ties the finest wreath or bouquet.

The bachelorette party is usually held relatively close to the wedding itself. By then, the bride and groom have probably already arranged most things for the wedding day itself. If not, Oxåker can advise you to read here, to get inspiration about different players in the wedding world. We at Oxåker are happy to help with the flowers to the big day.